Planning a trekking trip? Here’re useful tips for you!

Improving fitness and exposing the beauty of nature at its best, trekking becomes increasingly popular among world travelers.

Trekking is the best option if you want to run away from your daily workload and heal yourself from stresses.

Trekking vacations are enjoyable as they offer not only the taste of authentic nature but also a great opportunity to learn the lifestyle, culture, and tradition of the locals in a close-up version.

However, if you do not prepare well for your trekking vacation, you may face difficulties on your way and your beautiful trip may be ruined.

The followings are some of the useful tips for a comfortable trekking.

Choose the right footwear and socks


It is very important to pay attention to the choice of footwear for a trekking trip. Choose good quality footwear with the correct size and make sure your legs feel comfortable and ease in them. Trekking shoes with ankle cuffs are appropriate. And don’t forget the socks, too.

Know your body capacity and build leg strength

The strength of your body is key to trekking. Your lungs and heart need to be fit enough for the trekking trip. Visit a gym or take exercises to strengthen your legs and increase lungs capacity.

Practice on similar terrain

Before your vacation, practice walking with complete trekking suit. Pick the correct backpack that you feel comfortable carrying. To get used to the weight and position of the backpack, load it with your necessary items and practice using it.

Practice using the trekking pole

Trekking poles are very useful for a trekker. It can reduce the impact on your feet and legs. Not only that but also you can use your pole as a tool to clear your way from bushes and as a weapon to protect yourself from dogs and other wildlife.

Bring water bottles to hydrate yourself

Take water bottles along your trek to prevent yourself from dehydration. Drink small and frequently. Don’t wait till you feel thirsty and dehydrated! Rest frequently to fuel yourself.

Add a mini first aid kit in your must-bring checklist

A first aid kit is essential for a hiking or trekking trip. Fill up your kit with bandages, tweezers, scissors, cotton-tips swap, antiseptic pads, and painkillers, etc.

Follow these tips and witness the authentic beauty of the earth!

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