Zoom into the Unspoilt Natural Landscape of Myanmar

On the coast of an island on Andaman Sea at the southern part of Myanmar lies the untouched, unspoilt Myeik Archipelago.

Beautiful limestone outcrops, tropical rainforests, and white sandy beaches are signatures of this pleasant landscape.

It is regarded as the pride of Tanitharyi Coast because it has recently become the budding area for Myanmar’s tourism sector.

Comprising over 800 islands, Myeik Archipelago has become a prominent attraction of Myanmar tourism.

Among endless beauties, Lampi Island Marine National Park adds additional charming points to the archipelago.

With the purpose of habitat conservation (both marine and island resources), Lampi Island Marine National Park is the only marine park in Myanmar and features many species of birds, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals. Threatened and endangered species such as green sea turtles and plain-pouched hornbills are also protected there.

Tourists have started flooding into Myeik Archipelago because of its unique attractions and exciting activities like snorkeling under the turquoise water, walking tours and exploring the daily lives of Moken people (Salone in Burmese).

Moken people of Myeik are also known as “Sea Gypsies” or “Men of Sea” because of their unique style of living.

They carry all their household utensils on their traditional boats

and spend most of their time on boats.

They collect and trade marine products to make their livings and they are skilled at diving and submerge under water for several minutes without an oxygen tank.

Leaving the archipelago without doing the snorkeling activity is a decision that will definitely make you regret later.

Snorkeling is an excellent activity to unearth the hidden beauty of Myeik Archipelago.

Writers and poets have described the beauty of Myeik in some of their famous artwork.

The Myeik Archipelago appeared in Biggles – Air Commodore (1937), Biggles Delivers the Goods (1946), and Biggles and the Lost Sovereigns (1964) written by W.E. Johns.

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