Why Taunggyi should be your next travel destination?

Being famous for its pleasant weather and impressive landscapes, Taunggyi is a place you should visit at least once.

Being the capital of Shan State, Myanmar, this beautiful city is a popular tourist attraction in southern Myanmar.

Never been to Taunggyi yet? Then write ‘Taunggyi’ in your travel goal list now. Why? Because of ………

Hot-Air Balloon Festival

This festival is at the top of Myanmar’s most famous festival list.

It is held around the Full Moon day of Thazaungmon in November.

Not only Myanmar citizens from different parts of the country but also foreign travelers sacrifice their precious time to witness the impressive sparkling night sky during the festival.

The festival starts to come alive in the afternoon as many participants prepare for the competition.

Giant hot-air balloons are in different shapes.

Some are decorated with firecrackers and the explosion noise from them increases the excitement of the crowd.

It definitely is worth seeing!

Pleasant Weather

Taunggyi establishes a reputation for its pleasant, cool weather.

It is the best choice if you want to visit Myanmar but you are worried about the intense heat of Myanmar’s weather.

Taunggyi possesses a humid subtropical climate.

Many people run away from the heat and spend their summer holidays at Taunggyi.


Both travelers and locals give high marks for the traditional Shan foods. Taunggyi is a great point to taste most of them.

Shan fish tomato rice, Shan noodle, and hin-htoke (vegetable curry steamed in banana leaf) are some famous foods preferred by locals and foreign travelers. You can easily find such fresh and delicious Shan foods at street stalls and restaurants.

Inle Lake

A remarkable tourist attraction of Myanmar, Inle Lake, is Myanmar’s first designated place of World Network of Biosphere Reserves.

It is the second largest lake of Myanmar and situated in the heart of Shan Plateau.

Inle Lake showcases the unique culture and traditions including the incredible leg-rowing technique of Intha, the silversmithing, and lotus weaving.

Beautiful Landscapes


Most of the travelers freeze their beautiful travel memory with a camera.

If you are planning for a photography tour,

Taunggyi will fit you perfectly.

As Taunggyi is located on Shan Hills, the stunning view of nature from above is really breathtaking.

Your heart may skips a beat while you’re witnessing the beauty in person.

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