5 Most Beautiful National Parks of Myanmar

Travel destinations of the people can be different based on the personal preference of each person.

Some people like to seek adventure and nature. Some want to relax in a luxurious atmosphere and some want to study the impressive architecture of other places.

Some prefer shopping tours and some pilgrimage tours.

For nature enthusiasts who love to explore the hidden natural beauty of the globe, here are some must-visit national parks of Myanmar.

Hlawga National Park

Located in Mingaladon, Hlawga National Park has been a popular picnic site among travelers.

The park was first established as an environmental education center in 1982. Exhibiting various kinds of wildlife, birds, flora and forest areas, Hlawga National Park is a great spot for bird-watching and wildlife study.

Not only foreigners but also the residents of Yangon usually take this day-trip to run away from crowded city life and take a rest.

Khakaborazi National Park

Covering an area of 1472 square miles, Khakaborazi National Park was established in 1996.

Not only rare species of wildlife such as musk deer and barking deer but also approximately 50 species of orchids, numerous mammal species, birds and endangered butterflies species can be found there.

The purpose of most travelers to Khakaborazi National Park is mountaineering and butterfly watching.

If you are looking for a place to conduct your field studies of new plants and animal species, this place is a perfect match for you.

Lampi Island Marine National Park

Lampi Island Marine National Park is one of the prominent attractions of Myeik Archipelago.

With the purpose of habitat conservation (both marine and island resources), Lampi Island Marine National Park is the only marine park in Myanmar and features many species of birds, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals. Threatened and endangered species such as green sea turtles and plain-pouched hornbills are also protected there.

Alaungdaw Kathapa National Park

Actually, because of the famous Alaungdaw Kathapa Shrine, most people recognize Alaungdaw Kathapa National Park as a famous religious site of Myanmar.

It is located in Sagaing Region and includes Patolon Reserved Forest and Taungdwin Reserved Forest.

You can find numerous animal and plant species, especially orchids.

The key attractions of this place are the elephant camps.

Travelers to Alaungdaw Kathapa Shrine and National Park have to ride elephants to enter into the park.

Mt. Victoria National Park

Mt. Victoria National Park or Nat Ma Taung National Park is one of the ASEAN Heritage Parks and it is located in Chin State, the western part of Central Myanmar.

Occupying an area of about 297 square miles, Mt. Victoria National Park was established in 1994.

Rare species of flora and fauna can be found there and at the same time, it offers the most beautiful track for trekking and mountaineering.

On your way, you may run into the tattoo-faced women from a unique ethnic group of Chin State.

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