Thanks You & Cheers to 2021

Dear Friends,

What a tough & memorable year it has been! 2020 demanded re- elevation of our purpose, commitment, and passion in both our personal & professional journeys. In the midst of so many odds, there were opportunities to turn unfavorable into our favor and reshape our existence. I take this opportunity to pause, reflect, celebrate & pat the back of my #UnstoppableTeam (You) that kept pushing the bar harder to ensure we emerge stronger in 2021.

During this very difficult year, first I must thank you all for your resilience, converting your homes into offices, empathy, compassion, and care for each other! While we were restricted physically but there were no boundaries to our imagination, you must be proud to look back and take a course of what we achieved together over the past 12 months, our most significant achievements:

  1. Pivoted in e-commerce with #OwayFresh – Who could have ever thought this was possible given we had no capability but we learned fast and today it’s a growing business.
  2. Introduced unique tech capabilities in traditional #Fleet business – Our unique ferry services will define the future of Fleet business.
  3. Inked exclusive #Online partnership with Aya Sompo #TravelInsurance for both #Domestic&International travelers – We take a leap step forward compared to our competitors locally & internationally.
  4. Integrated with one of the world’s largest Hotel aggregators, so millions in Myanmar can book their dream destination at their fingertips at the most affordable prices.
  5. Significantly Improved our cash flows for the journey ahead, our company is debt-free as we march into 2021.
  6. Got stronger as a team

Thank you & Cheers to everyone at Oway for the solid team work , grit and passion in the most difficult times. I’m proud to work with you all.

Stay home, stay safe & Cheers to 2021 & beyond…!

Best Rgds,


CEO – Oway