CEO Message to Oway Family

Dear All,


As the impact of COVID-19 continues to unfold at a rapid pace, I wanted to take this opportunity to get in touch and keep you updated.

Many of you and your families will be experiencing severe challenges during these uncertain times. It is our greatest hope that everyone working for Oway and in Myanmar, in every capacity, are able to stay healthy and safe.

We are only beginning to understand how COVID-19 is impacting our sector, since the beginning of 2020 our travel business was severely impacted, and last month in April for the first time in the history of your company we had negative travel business ( negative sales ). These are absolutely unprecedented times and we are feeling the impact of this global pandemic most acutely.

The rapid contraction of air travel has resulted in a significant reduction in demand across our travel & tour business. As a result, we are constantly evaluating our options and taking measures that, while painful, preserve our ability to adapt as the environment continues to evolve. We know one size fits all will not work in the current situation and we will have to look at different dimensions of our business differently.

In the coming days & weeks, your functional heads will reach you individually & together in groups to discuss key priorities/impact and expectations from you. I request each one of you to be flexible and understand the key priorities for the Organization. It’s our collective responsibility to constantly explore opportunities to justify our current cost or built incremental revenues.

While we are taking some calculated risks in balancing our current costs, it’s practically impossible for us to predict how the next 15-45 days will evolve across the world, we wish a much quicker recovery however we need to be prepared for short notice shockers and if things don’t start to recover by 15th may, we may have to make some drastic changes from June which will have continued impact on all of us. Your functional heads will communicate with you on the specifics.

As a sustained precaution we will continue to work from home till further notice however some of you from the fleet, finance, BD, and Operations might be required to come to the office on a need basis.

I wish you all safe stay ahead and pray we get through this together soon.


Best Rgds,


CEO – Oway