New Year Greeting from CEO

Dear Friends, 

This message comes to you straight from the heart, filled with pride and gratitude.

A select few are fortunate enough to undertake journeys of a lifetime within a span of a few years. For me, the last 1 year has been exactly that – one of the most enriching phases of my professional career, surrounded by a wonderful team at Oway. I am sure, many of you will echo my sentiment.

With self-belief and confidence, we carved our way forward inch by inch. Through the good times and the bad, industry uncertainties and challenging ground realities, we prevailed in some of the toughest scenarios imaginable. Ours is the team that made it happen with grace and grit. Indeed, we have come a long way and today stand together with pride to witness where our collective efforts have brought us. It fills my heart with both pride and gratitude to be part of a team that not only turned around Oway but transformed it entirely to what it is today – one of the most sought-after Tech integrated mobility solution provider in Myanmar.


We are now ready for the next phase of our journey capturing the opportunities across our business verticals. We have a robust product portfolio, tech capabilities that are far ahead of the market, unique partnerships, innovation pipeline and lion share of corporate business which makes well positioned to take market lead in many of existing & new segments making us even Stronger together.


2020 will be a landmark year for all of us as we will chase our dream towards sustainable profitable business, we will fast track our ambition for a significant share of consumer business and emerge as a dominant market leader in Online products and services. The next phase of Oway’s journey has just begun and there will be many milestones to achieve along the way, so enjoy the ride, feel proud to be part of making history at Oway. You can count on my support and that of the my entire leadership team


For next few days, take some rest, refresh yourself, spend time with family and cherish the contributions you have made during this transition.


Wish you and your families a very healthy and successful 2020 ahead.


Best Rgds & love